• Google Analytics Insights Using Pivot Function

    Gain valuable insights on Google Analytics Using Pivot Function

    We all have been using custom reports on Google Analytics to have more control over what kind of data we would…

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  • Google Ads Update for Video Campaigns

    Google Ads Video Update | Optimization Score and Video Extensions

    Optimization Score is Available for Video Action Campaigns It is finally here! Google announced on 10th June that optimization score is…

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  • ad-fraud-types-common-ad-fraud-in-ad-industry

    8 Common Types of Ad Fraud in Billion Dollar Industry

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  • Google Chrome Update: Third Party Cookies Soon to be Obsolete

    First Party Cookie vs Third Party Cookie

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  • What is an SSP

    Ultimate Guide to Supply Side Platform

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  • Video Advertising fundamentals

    Video Advertising Fundamentals: How Are Video Ads Served?

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  • Header Bidding Guide All You Need to Know Series

    Header Bidding: Everything You Need To Know

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