Get a Free Amazon DSP Accreditation Today

Get a Free Amazon DSP Accreditation Today
August 17, 2019 MadMarTech

Amazon in co-operation with Intellum has created amazing courses on how to use the interface on Amazon DSP to create, manage, and scale ad campaigns. It is totally free and if you pass one of the assessments like ‘sponsored ad campaigns’, you will get accredited. You can learn on the go as they have training courses with mobile compatibility.

Sign Up here for customized courses based on your need and marketplace. The course catalog looks something like this:

Amazon DSP certification using learning console: Learn digital marketing

The accreditation course is not so long. It has 6 main modules of around 15-20 minutes. The Amazon sponsored ads accreditation is designed for advertisers who use Amazon paid to advertise either through seller central or Advertising console.

Amazon sponsored ads DSP course overview to learn online marketing


So what are you waiting for? Get the certification and share it on your Linkedin and other professional profiles now 🙂