Google Ads Video Update: Optimization Score and Video Extensions

Google Ads Video Update | Optimization Score and Video Extensions
June 13, 2021 MadMarTech

Optimization Score is Available for Video Action Campaigns

It is finally here! Google announced on 10th June that optimization score is now available for video action campaigns as well. This is great news for ad account managers-marketers because the machine learning algorithm analyses billions of data points to provide you with actionable insights and recommendations that are pertinent to your campaigns. As you might have experienced it already, applying this significantly improves your campaign performance and helps you achieve the objectives. And common, who doesn’t like to hit that 100% score. Call me a nerd, but you can only understand if you give it a try. 

If you have not used optimization score, then a quick one liner: It is a score that takes into consideration the statistics based on the settings of the campaign and account to calculate a score in real time to estimate how well your campaign is set to perform. And it is not just a numbers game, it provides with clear steps as to how to boost the score. You can either apply those recommendation within the card or dismiss it if you feel it does not fit with your overall strategy. 

Explore Best practices by Google on how to optimize your video campaigns here.

Optimization Score for Video Campaigns Google Ads Update

Related Video Extensions Available Globally

Related video extensions are awesome! They keep the ads conversational for storytelling purpose and brings in that sense of continuity. Google has rolled out video extensions globally wherein you can now add 2-5 videos below your video ad. This is available for YouTube app inventory only. If you have not used it already, I definitely recommend it as it boosts the engagement metrics and is a good use of space/real estate when the users hold their phones vertically. Keep in mind that this is only available for campaigns with Brand awareness/reach and Product/Brand Consideration campaigns. 

Btw, if you are buying Youtube inventory via DV360, then you have to wait a tad bit longer as these features are only rolled out for Google Ads platform as of now.