85% of In-App Ads Are Now Measurable On Google AdMob & Ad Manager

85% of In-App Ads Are Now Measurable On Google AdMob & Ad Manager
August 16, 2019 MadMarTech

Google has integrated open measurement SDK to Google Mobile Ads and Interactive mobile ads. Due to this 85% of the in-app ad’s viewability is now measurable at the impression level. This will enable to create a transparent measurement system across publishers, advertisers, and platforms.

The Background Story: Scalability Problem

IAB has been working on a scalable open measurement project so that mobile ads can be rendered faster and measured better. The developers had to develop SDKs that are compatible with each of the operating system like iOS, Windows, and Android. This had to be then integrated into the mobile apps to render and measure the ad. And imagine how crazy it could get when it comes to upgrades and maintenance.

The Solution

In order to tackle this issue and make it scalable, IAB after working intensively on open measurement project has now found a solution by developing Open Measurement SDK (OM SDK). It is now possible to collect data and signals for ad verification process in a scalable standardized way.

Google has already implemented this. Agencies and publishers can now make their ad inventory measurable by the adoption of OM SDK. You can accomplish this using vendor like MOAT, IAS, Comscore, and Doubleverify.

Reach out to the Google team to see how you can already integrate this for your upcoming campaigns. Here is a non-exhaustive guide on implementing this in Google Ad Manager.