How to Install LinkedIn Insight Tag Using Google Tag Manager

How to Install LinkedIn Insight Tag Using Google Tag Manager
October 13, 2019 MadMarTech

Google Tag Manager is a versatile tool that aids you in the tracking and analytics process without the need to write a single piece of code. If you are running LinkedIn campaigns, then you would like to have in-depth reporting with exhaustive data about your users. LinkedIn Insight tag in addition to providing the user data also helps you to track conversions and also create retargeting campaigns.

In this short tutorial, you are going to learn how to install the LinkedIn insight tag using Google Tag Manager. Let’s get started:

Part 1: LinkedIn

Sign in to your Linkedin account and click on  “Work” on the right-hand side. Once it expands, click on “Advertise”
Installing LinkedIn insight tag step 1

Once you have been redirected to the LinkedIn campaign manager, click on the account assets. Choose the first option from the drop-down Insight tag

Drop down installation for linkedin insight tag

You will be redirected to the webpage below: Click on the button that says “See my Insight Tag”. After you click on that, the interface pops up with 3 different options. As we will be using Google Tag Manager to Install the insight tag, click on the 3rd option. By doing this, you will receive a partner ID
Linkedin partner id generation to install Linkedin Insight Tag

Part 2: Google Tag Manager

Sign in to your Google Tag Manager account in a new tab. Click on add a new Tag and insert a relevant name to your tag. Following this, click on the tag configuration and choose Linkedin Insight from the available options.

Linkedin Insight Tag template on GTM

Copy-paste your partner ID and save the tag.

Linkedin Inisight tag configuration on GTM


Once you have configured the tag, it is now time to configure your triggers. We need to fire insight tag on all pages as it needs to have a comprehensive set of data. Create a new trigger for page views firing on all pages. Here is a snapshot of the trigger configuration.

All Pages Page view trigger configuration

Now the tag and trigger configuration is complete. Save the tag and enter the preview and debug mode to check if the tag is firing correctly. Once you reload your webpage, you will see that the tag has fired correctly in our preview and debug mode.

Preview and debug mode check for Insight tag

The data will be available on LinkedIn within 24 hours. Don’t forget to submit the changes and publish the tag. And now we are done! It is that simple to install the insight tag 🥳