Seasonality Adjustments are Now Available on Google Ads

Seasonality Adjustments are Now Available on Google Ads
September 2, 2019 MadMarTech

Google ads introduced seasonality adjustments for conversion rates during for special events like promotional period or product launches. They are currently available for search and display capaigns for now. However, shopping campaigns will also have this feature within the end of this year.

Seasonality adjustment only works for a specified period of time ideally for 3-7 day period. Advertisers cannot use it for more than 14 days. It is important to note that Google already considers the major seasonal events into account in the smart bidding strategies. It is only beneficial if you have some promo/any other event specific to your business.

For example: If you know that in the promo sale, your conversion rate will go up by at least 30%, you can acheieve this in reality using this new feature.

How to Access Seasonality Adjustment?

Navigate to the following path> Tools> Shared Library> Bid Strategies> Advanced Controls. Here is how it looks:

Seasonality Adjustment Interface


Advertisers can name the seasonlity adjustment and set a clear start and end dates. Please note that this cannot be for more than 14 days.


You can set it for all the search and display campaigns.Or you could also set for specific campaigns that are relevant for this sale. Device level filters are available as well.

Conversion rate bid ajdutment

Here is where you can enter the anticipated increase in conversion rate. Use historic data and be as realstic as possible.

How to do seasonality adjustments